High-density Wi-Fi

P2's products promise premium Wi-Fi access performance in a high-density Wi-Fi environment.

Advanced technology significantly increases user capacity

Specially designed for a high-density Wi-Fi environment.

Support up to 80 HD video simultaneous streaming 

Gigabit network capable for bandwidth-demanding applications such as video sharing and large files exchange, the user experience is extremely smooth without disruption.

Smart Virtual Fiber extends Wi-Fi network to "coverage blind spot" without laying any cables

Wireless connectivity can be easily extended to locations where cabling is not feasible, indoors or outdoors.

Success Story

Kolej Yayasan Pelajaran Johor, an educational institution

  • Full dual-band Wi-Fi coverage for the administration and academic complex at the main campus for educational and internal staff use
  • Cost reduction on optic fiber infrastructure between building clusters with Smart Virtual Fiber extending WLAN connectivity through wireless mesh multi-hop ring
  • Self-recovery algorithm ensures resilient network, auto rerouting mesh links when the link quality falls below the optimal level

Kowloon Tong InnoCentre, a council to promote designers

  • Enterprise Wi-Fi network for the premier office of Hong Kong design talents, building a mobile workspace that encourages creativity and facilitates collaboration
  • Instant network monitoring with real-time graphical representation, client traffic and network alert are all clear at a glance
  • No single-point-of-failure with the web-based network management software MeshProvision Server